A Baby Registry Worth Sharing


The best advice I ever received during pregnancy was
"Don’t buy anything!"

For me this turned out to be almost completely true….Throughout pregnancy I was amazed at how many incredible baby things I was able to collect via hand-me-downs, sales, or gifts.

However, when it came time to actually be a parent, I discovered that what I really needed wasn't the perfect swing, the perfect bottle, or the newest baby monitor (although those things can be nice)....

...what I truly needed was hands-on support in my home!


While most baby registries are made of the usual; onesies, diapers, and fancy butt-creams, we at High Country Doula’s recommend a more direct approach to creating a registry that’s truly worth sharing.

Instead of asking for common items that (let's face it) last minute shoppers will buy you anyway, why not fill your registry with items that will pay off for you for time immemorial...

...why not ask for the gift of professional Doula care?

Professional Doula care Is truly an invaluable gift that we at High Country Doulas make easy for loved ones to give.

Our Registry Page is set up for you to add the items you truly know will make a difference onto your own registry using a site such as www.myregistry.com, or simply by sharing the page directly with your friends and family.

You could even post a link directly to our our Baby Registry Page on social media and say something like

"Dear family and friends! If you're looking for a unique way to "be there to help" without actually having to be here, here's a great way to do just that! We'd love your support in helping us set ourselves up for success with the professional care of a Doula!"

When they check out at our online shop, they can easily write in who the gift is for. We then add that gift to your account and you'll receive a gift certificate to be redeemed any time.

Postpartum Doula services help give parents the support they truly need during the early months and can prevent postpartum depression, support healthy newborn brain development, and lead to faster postpartum recovery for moms.

For families that live far away, or even for those that have support close by, Postpartum Doula care is one of the most thoughtful and precious gifts anyone could give to an expectant family.

But what about baby things!? What will I’ll need?

We asked veteran parents what’s the few things they could not live without during the first months home with baby, and here’s what they said.

The bare-bones necessities items:

  • Diapers (choose disposable, cloth, or a mixture of both)

  • Baby wipes

  • A changing pad and/or changing table

  • 2-5 swaddle blankets and/or swaddlers

  • A safe sleeping space for baby (a crib or co-sleeper that has a flat, firm mattress, no blankets, and no crib bumpers)

  • Clothes for ages 0-3 months. You’ll go through roughly 10-15 outfits per week)

  • A safe car seat

  • 5 or so burp cloths or rags (babies spit up and drool a lot!)

  • A diaper bag or generic bag designated for outings with baby. You’ll want it constantly stocked with extra diapers, plastic bags for dirty diapers, baby clothes, burp cloth or rag, and wipes.

  • Bottles and nipples if you plan to bottle feed

  • For moms:

    • Breast pads (you will leak and want to protect your clothes

    • Nursing bras and shirts (these don’t have to be officially labeled as such. Anything that’s stretchy/loose will do.)

    • A manual pump (even if you plan to exclusively breastfeed these can be very handy for occasional pumping or encouragement)

    • An electric pump if you plan to bottlefeed your breastmilk often

    • Breastmilk freezer storage bags

The make-your-life-easier, optional items:

  • A baby carrier (here’s our favorite type for the 0-3 month old range) - Some parents do not wear their babies much, but we find baby wearing to be a huge game-changer for lots of parents. As your baby gets older, changing over to a more back-pack style carrier that allows for front and back wearing is great.

  • Pacifiers are optional of course, but affordable enough that it’s smart to have at least one around in case your baby likes them. Studies do point towards pacifiers being beneficial to prevent SIDS, and many parents find them extreamly helpful for fussy babies.

  • A baby monitor if your house is large enough to need one (just audio is fine, but video monitors are nice too)

  • A portable baby pillow such as this one can make moving around your house a lot easier. Some babies just love taking naps in these and hanging out in them.

  • A baby swing. Make sure it is at a very reclined angle for safety. No more than 50 degrees maximum.

  • A white noise machine. Babies tend to love some white noise for naps and nighttime.

Learn more about adding a doula to your registry at: www.highcountrydoulas.com/registry