What our clients are saying

Our doula was such an incredible help all through the hardest parts of the delivery. I was telling my husband how incredible it was that it seemed like he knew exactly what i needed and when I needed it throughout labor. He said, 'I’d like to take credit, but actually, the doula was giving me a lot of hints!' Well it worked, and it made me feel so close to my husband in an even deeper way than the first time I gave birth! Her help was truly invaluable. Thank you so much for helping to create a precious memory I will always cherish.”
- Meredith (Second-Time Mom)

What is a labor doula?


Much like a wedding, the day you give birth is a day you will remember forever. A labor doula helps that day be the happiest it can with expert knowledge, compassionate care, and loving support.

Your doula works collaboratively alongside your partner, your family, your providers, and your nurses to help your birth wishes be honored and your birth goals be reached.

Having a doula is like having your best friend by your side who happens to be an expert on all things birth and babies.

What we do

  • From the moment you call her in, your doula stays by your side during labor, until after your baby is born (and then afterward to help you establish feeding and bonding).
  • Your doula can labor with you at your home and help you transition to the hospital at the perfect time.
  • Your doula can help your partner and/or family take on an active and confident role in labor. 
  • Your doula is there to support you in achieving YOUR birth wishes, whether they include natural birth, epidural birth, cesarean birth, and more.
  • While your provider focuses on the medical health of you and your baby, your doula focuses on your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical comfort.
  • Your doula provides practical and knowledgeable advice for any type of birth. Whether your birth is long, short, unmedicated, medicated, surgical, easy, or hard; she is there to help.

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During birth, some of our clients prefer that their loved one be their primary support person during labor. Others prefer that their doula take the lead. Either way, we are here to help you accomplish your goals during labor

Doulas help dads/partners feel confident and knowledgeable during labor. They lend an experienced voice to guide the way and provide an extra set of hands if needed. 

Doula are a wonderful support for moms birthing with or without an involved partner. Meet us for a complimentary consultation to discover how our doulas can help you and your partner during labor and birth.


Our labor doula service sets you up for success throughout your entire pregnancy. 

All our our labor doulas have been hand selected with your family in mind. High Country Doula labor doulas are all professionally trained by the same certifying agency (ProDoula), in order to give you consistent and quality care. All of our doulas carry active doula insurance.

Request our beautiful welcome packet for information about rates and packages.


Labor Doula rates range from $650-$1100 depending on the type of service selected. Contact us to learn more.
Payment plans and baby registry available. 

Also, see our Digital Doula Service for more options.



"We are so grateful for Allison's presence and support during and after our daughter's birth and know that we would not have had the birth that we desired without her help. Allison's peaceful and nurturing spirit was exactly what I needed to keep me calm and focused throughout labor, especially after a somewhat scary start. I loved how hands-on she was during some of the most challenging and intense moments of labor and that she helped my husband to feel deeply connected to every aspect of the experience. We could not have asked for a more positive birth experience and know that much of this is because of Allison's support to our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us bring our daughter into the world!"

-Ashley (First-Time mom)



"I was very glad that we had Allison to allow me to be able to help Ashley more and to be more relaxed. I felt like I could just focus on helping my wife through labor and not on trying to sort through all of the medical stuff going on around us. From the beginning of labor, Allison's support was appreciated. We had a quick and unexpected arrival to the hospital and Allison brought me dinner before a long night of labor. She helped me with positions to support Ashley and this allowed me to feel calm and more confident in my role."

-Clayton (First-Time Dad)


"I think our culture doesn’t always understand the beauty that birth can be. For me doulas understand that and really bring the beauty of birth to the forefront of the experience. If your gonna have a baby, you need to hire a doula. It’s going to make it that much more incredible.”

-Courtney (Second-Time Mom)


“Samantha was a wonderful support throughout the entire birth process. She really went out of her way to get to know us. ...With Samantha’s help I went from fearing childbirth to becoming excited about it! She helped me to feel empowered regarding my childbirth choices and she gave me the strength when I thought I didn’t have any left to follow my birth plan…Thank you Samantha for helping us bring our wonderful baby girl into this world, we love you!”

-Heather (First-Time Mom)