Not Your Average Doulas


This is one of the most exciting and special times in your life. You deserve the absolute best surrounding you during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. That's why, at High Country Doulas, we set our standards high for doulas wanting to join our team. Our team of doulas are hand chosen, thoroughly vetted, and highly trained through the top training organizations in the world to ensure you the highest quality of care.

Our agency advantage means you get the expert care you need quickly, efficiently, and with the peace of mind of knowing you have an entire team ready to meet your needs.

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Cooperative Care

Over the years, we have worked cooperatively and professionally with our local healthcare providers to build quality relationships with our local hospitals, nurses, obstetricians, midwives, anesthesiologist, and other providers.

We never interfere with your healthcare provider’s choices nor do we impose our personal opinions in the birth room or at home with your baby. We work cooperatively alongside your medical team to help create a calming and comfortable environment in line with your wishes and within the respectful guidelines of your midwife/doctor of choice.


Are you interested in becoming a doula? Our business is growing! Talk to us about what it takes to join our team.