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We make birth and parenting easier for the NC/TN mountains!

Highly professional and reliable support!

We support YOUR birth and parenting wishes including medicated, non medicated, and/or cesarean birth and work cooperatively alongside your medical team


Proudly serving:
Boone | Jefferson | Banner Elk | Lenoir | Hickory | Wilkesboro | Elkin | Mount Airy | and surrounding areas.

Johnson City | Kingsport | Bristol | Abingdon and surrounding areas

Begin with a 30-min complementary phone consult.

PREMIUM SUPPORT during childbirth

Extraordiany physical and emotional support from a professional team of women dedicated to making your birth experience the best that it can possible be.

In-Home Baby & Mother Care

Exceptional hands-on care for you, your baby, and the whole family for the first months of life. Gain confidence and strength as a new parent while our Doulas help you get rest, stay nourished, and get the help you deserve to thrive in early parenting.

Group & Private classes

Group and private classes to help prepare for birth and beyond. Fun, interactive, and up-to-date for today’s modern couple. Workshops and parent groups also held regularly. 


Replenish depleted iron levels, balance postpartum hormones & lessen "baby blues." Promote healthy milk production, and decrease the chance of suffering from postpartum depression.

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What our Clients Are Saying

"High Country Doulas genuinely believes in the beauty of childbirth and are dedicated to supporting women throughout the entire process. They are absolutely filled with love for women, babies, and families through this most special time in a family's life."

-Courtney (First-Time Mom)

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What we do

Having a Doula feels like having a best friend, a sports coach, and a wedding planner all in one. 

We act as guides and cheerleaders for moms and their families throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. We're there to answer all your questions, build up your confidence, draw out your inner strength, and support you on your unique journey.

A doula fills a role unlike any other. While your doctor or midwife focuses on your health and that of your baby's, your Doula focuses on you and your partner's confidence, comfort, emotional experience. A Doula serves one family at a time, meaning they stay by your side with undivided attention and support. No shift changes, no charting, no rushing to the next patient, just 100% there for you and your partner.

A Doula helps you find your own strength in labor and parenting and provides an entire toolkit of techniques and ideas to guide you through when needed. Simply put, your Doula helps make your journey into parenthood the best that it can possibly be.


  • Want no drugs, want all the drugs, or want to wait and see
  • Have a supportive partner, a clueless partner, or no partner at all
  • Want to do attachment parenting, scheduled parenting, or have no idea what any of that means
  • Want encouragement and support on the day they give birth, or during the early postpartum

Begin your journey with a complimentary 30-min phone consultation.

At High Country Doulas, we hand-select our team of doulas to ensure that your family gets the best care possible. 

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our mission

Our mission is to make your journey into parenthood the best that it can possibly be. We provide exceptional one-on-one support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

As the High Country's original and premier full-service Doula agency, we are proud to set the standard for professionalism and excellence within our community and with the families we serve.

 Our clients know that we're always by their side with non-judgmental support, professional integrity, and unconditional loving care.

Our doulas know how important the first year of life can be. Let High Country Doulas help your family thrive during this transformative and meaningful time – because happy beginnings
deserve great support.





"My doula was there for me judgement free. She was so supportive and had all the knowledge I felt like I lacked. She walked me through the basics of breastfeeding and answered all the questions I had about being a mom and having a new baby that I was too embarrassed to ask anyone else.
- Courtney (Second Time Mom)


"I worked with High Country Doulas after the birth of my baby. I can honestly say I would not have survived those subsequent weeks of motherhood physically and mentally without their help. They are simply incredible! Their availability and flexibility in schedule was extremely important to me. They were available at all hours...I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone, and I know I would do it again if I were to do the baby thing all over again."
- Martina (First Time Mom)


"We are so grateful for High Country Doula's presence and support during and after our daughter's birth and know that we would not have had the birth that we desired without their help. Our doula's peaceful and nurturing spirit was exactly what I needed to keep me calm and focused throughout labor, especially after a somewhat scary start. I loved how hands-on she was during some of the most challenging and intense moments of labor and that she helped my husband to feel deeply connected to every aspect of the experience. We could not have asked for a more positive birth experience and know that much of this is because of High Country Doula's support to our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us bring our daughter into the world!"
-Ashley (First-Time Mom)


Our doula was such an incredible help all through the hardest parts of the delivery. I was telling my husband how incredible it was that it seemed like he knew exactly what i needed and when I needed it throughout labor. He said, 'I’d like to take credit, but actually, the doula was giving me a lot of hints!' Well it worked, and it made me feel so close to my husband in an even deeper way than the first time I gave birth! Her help was truly invaluable. Thank you so much for helping to create a precious memory I will always cherish.”
- Meredith (Second-Time Mom)