Belly Binding


Traditional wisdom helps modern families…

Belly binding provides physical support and helps hasten the recovery process after childbirth. It supports the torso and organs as they return to pre-pregnancy position, supports and assists abdominal healing and diastasis recti recovery, and supports the body's natural spine and posture realignment post-birth.


Does Belly Binding Really Work?

For 9 months we, as mothers, have our bodies literally stretched to the max. Then suddenly, after birth, our bodies are no longer full. They feel boggy, squishy, and just downright strange. All of the hard work of growing a baby is over and our bodies now go into "repair mode."

In the immediate postpartum period, the uterus starts to shrink back down, the hips attempt to go back to where they were before, the skin starts to "de-stretch," and the muscles attempt to strengthen and tighten to support our bodies. 

Luckily, belly binding is here to support this process! 


Sometimes referred to as "Bengkung belly binding" for its roots in Malaysia culture where it is traditionally incorporated into a mother's postpartum recovery process after childbirth. It entails the wrapping of a mother's abdomen in soft fabric to give her body a slight "squeeze."  This process assists in abdominal wall muscle retraction, improves posture, support loosened ligaments and provide support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position. 

The wrapping process can be done by someone such as a doula. A mother can learn how to do this process to herself as well. Our service entails a wrapping lesson in the mother's home in order for a mom to get comfortable with the process of wrapping herself. Wrapping can be done over or under your clothes.


Possible benefits of postpartum belly binding include:

  • Hip/Pelvic Support - Belly binding isn't just about supporting your belly, it's also great for supporting your hip and pelvic bones too! Belly binding takes advantage of the still present Relaxin hormone that is increased in the body during pregnancy and makes your joints extra loose. While the Relaxin is still high it's easier for things to move back into their proper place with the support of belly binding.

  • Helping correct diastasis recti - During pregnancy, the uterus grows and stretched out the abdominal muscles. This can cause the large vertical bands just in front of the belly button to seperate. Belly binding encourages the muscles to come back together and strengthens the connective tissues in the abdomen. Learn more about diastasis recti on WebMD.

  • Self care - It can feel nearly impossible to find time for self-care in the early postpartum period. Although it only takes 10-15 mins to perform, the act of pausing your day to perform a belly binding can be a significant act of self-care. In cases of traumatic, or complicated birth experiences, the act of performing a belly bind on yourself can help with giving a sense of 'closure' and safety. Our services

  • Lower back support - After birth moms spend much of their time breastfeeding and/or baby holding. This means a lot of strain on the back muscles. Belly binding acts as a natural support system to your back as you develop those muscles back during the postpartum period. Our clients report feeling much better when using their belly wrap throughout the day and experience less back pain and improved posture.


A modern belly bind device is a velcro bound device that you can buy from your store. They can sometimes be helpful for women in pregnancy and postpartum, however a traditional Bengkung method of belly binding is much more adaptable to a person's specific body type, shape, and size. No matter what changes your body size and shape undergoes, your wrap can adapt and be adjusted to your liking. Also, the standard belly bands don't support your hips and ribs like a belly bind can and can often dig in and be uncomfortable. 

Our belly wraps are lovingly made by a local artist. When you use our belly binding service, not only are you supporting a local artist, but you'll also look gorgeous wearing it!


We have performed belly binding for clients during pregnancy (for back and pelvic support), but most commonly our services are utilized during the first week after delivery. If you have had a cesarean it is recommended to wait approximately 4-6 weeks and ask for your doctor's permission. 

Most women enjoy wearing their wrap during the daytime everyday for up to 2-4 months postpartum.  


The first belly binding session is $135. Additional wrappings are complimentary for our postpartum doula clients during postpartum care shifts, or $55 for additional sessions booked separately outside of postpartum care.

Service includes:

  • A handmade locally crafted 100% cotton muslin wrap

  • Private lesson in your home, plus written instruction sheet

  • We typically start your session off with a tranquil foot and belly rub using soothing massage oils complimented with essential oils