What is the digital doula?

A savvy approach for the modern parent...

The Digital Doula is the perfect choice for parents wanting access to the knowledge and experience of a Doula during their pregnancy, labor, and/or postpartum. With a Digital Doula you get one-on-one support from your Doula via phone, text, video conference, and email. Plus access to High Country Doula's client resources.

Many parents find it helpful to have someone they can talk to during pregnancy, birth or early babyhood for things like education, help with decision making, emotional support, or help finding resources on certain topics.

A Digital Doula is there for you through all of the emotional and educational aspects of pregnancy and postpartum. It's like having a best friend to call or text anytime for all your parenting questions and worries, but this friends just so happens to be an expert in all things birth and babies!

Digital Doula Rates

Two excellent options for your care...

OPTION 1: Pay As You Go
$95 per month = unlimited virtual support during pregnancy and/or postpartum (excluding birth).
Purchase 3 months or more and save 15%!

OPTION 2: Virtual Labor Support
$250  = unlimited virtual support during labor/birth plus unlimited digital support during pregnancy, beginning in your third trimester, plus digital support up to 1 week postpartum.


Start out with a 30-min complimentary consultation