Childbirth Education Classes

Prepare for the journey ahead with our fun, engaging, and up-to-date childbirth classes!


Our HCD group Childbirth Express classes are taught in 3 modules, to be purchased a la carte.

Module (3 hours each) are designed to enroll one or two at a time so you can absorb the information in segments so you can prepare for birth, infant feeding, and early babyhood over the months of pregnancy. If you need to take all three in one day…just note it can be a long day.

Offered approximately once a month alternating between our Boone, NC and Johnson City, TN locations. Registration recommended around 28 weeks or earlier. Choosing a class before 37 weeks works best for timing.

Each module is purchased a la carte. Attend 1, 2, or all 3!

Birth – 9am-12pm – $45
Prepares moms and their partners for the big day!

Topics include:

  • The stages of labor and strategies for each unique part

  • Understanding birth hormones and the role they play in labor and birth

  • How to navigate Early Labor and partner support

  • When to go to the hospital and what happens when you’re there

  • Medical & non-medical pain management options

  • Communication with your partner and your medical team

  • Interventions, options, and alternatives

Infant Feeding – 1pm-4pm – $45
Learn the must-knows about breastfeeding and other options for baby feeding.

Topics include:

  • Initiating and identifying a proper latch and positioning

  • Feeding rhythms and norms

  • Transitions of lactation from Day 1 to One month

  • Troubleshooting

  • Paced bottlefeeding technique

  • Returning to work, pumping, and more

Early Postpartum – 4:30pm-7:30pm – $45
Prepares you for the most challenging aspects of early parenting; postpartum recovery and early newborn care.

Topics include:

  • What’s my parenting philosophy?

  • Newborn sleep patterns and shifting day/night confusion

  • Simple strategies and techniques to comfort your newborn(s)

  • Expectations and tips for mom’s recovery (vaginal or cesarean birth)

  • Dispelling myths around postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Finding your new normal as a family

Upcoming Classes

Tri-Cities Childbirth Classes

  • Saturday, December, 14 2019 | Johnson City, TN

  • Saturday, February, 8 2020 | Johnson City, TN

  • Saturday, April, 11 2020 | Johnson City, TN

    Boone Childbirth Classes

  • Sat. & Sun., December, 7 & 8 2019 | Boone, NC

  • Saturday, January, 18 2020 | Boone, NC

  • Saturday, March, 14 2020 | Boone, NC

  • Saturday, May, 9 2020 | Boone, NC

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Private Childbirth Classes

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Learn in the comfort of your own home by yourself, or invite your fellow pregnancy friends. Curriculums are tailored to your exact interest and class can be schedulled to perfectly fit your busy schedulle. 

Private class rate: $65/hr (minimum 2 hrs)


Our classes can cover a wide array of topics including:

Staged of Labor \\ “Natural” (unmedicated) labor \\ Comfort techniques, movement, and strategies \\ Non-medical comfort tools and techniques \\ Epidurals and other pain medications \\ How partners can get involved and help with labor \\  \\ Preparing for a Cesarean Birth \\ Identifying your birth philosophy \\ Writing an effective birth plan \\ Communicating your wishes to your provider and/or partner \\ Husband/partner led childbirth \\ Doulas \\ Choosing your care provider \\ What to expect in the hospital \\ Routine hospital interventions and alternatives \\ Prenatal exercise, nutrition, and mental preparation \\ Packing for the hospital \\ Baby’s first hour of life \\ Bringing baby home \\ Newborn sleep patterns, comfort measures, and basic care \\ Breastfeeding \\ Bottlefeeding \\ Alternative feeding \\ Pumping \\ Postpartum self-care and recovery \\ And more!

We look forward to serving you.