Co-Owners Allison Rollans (left) and Samantha Lee Wright (right)

Co-Owners Allison Rollans (left) and Samantha Lee Wright (right)

When having a baby, many moms find themselves wondering....Where should I give birth? How do I find a doula? What’s the best pump to buy? Is this normal?

When asking all the questions, many parents turn to High Country Doulas for guidance and support. With our professional doulas by your side, you’ll have reassurance and expertise to guide you through every step of the way.

High Country Doulas was established in 2016 by veteran doulas Samantha Lee Wright and Allison Rollans. These two dynamic and passionate business owners have an astounding love for women and families and apply their vast knowledge and over 30 years of combined experience into ensuring that your birth and parenting goals are met.

Allison and Sam created High Country Doulas with one goal in mind...to make excellent and professional doula care more accessible to local parents.

High Country Doulas has an incredible team of hand-picked doulas that are available to work with families anywhere between Wilkesboro, NC, to Boone, NC to Tri-Cities, TN and beyond at a moment’s notice.

But don’t take our word for it!

Established local practitioner, Lisa Vance, CNM says, "When I first met Sam and Allison I was very impressed by their professionalism and passion! Those two attributes are huge when looking for a doula. Their experience speaks volumes and they will continue to grow and have continued success because they listen to the needs of mothers and meet them where they are. I would highly recommend them to any mom looking for someone to guide them on their pregnancy journey and postpartum!”

Since its establishment, High Country Doulas has served hundreds of families in over eight counties, spreading from Boone, NC, out to Wilkesboro, Lenoir, Elizabethton, Johnson City, Kingsport, and beyond.

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What is a doula?

Doulas make the transition into parenthood the best it can possibly be for both parents and their babies. They provide education and support throughout pregnancy. They stand by your side during labor and birth, cheering you on and providing effective hands-on support. They give you encouragement and help your partner be confident and involved in the process. 

After birth, doulas do what no other professional can...they come to you, in your home and provide you and your baby with hands-on guidance and support so that the transition into parenthood goes smoothly.

Every family is unique. Let us help you discover how High Country Doulas can best support your needs and desires during this amazing life event. Contact us today.

If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.
— Dr. John H. Kennell