What the heck is a postpartum doula?


"It takes a village,".....

Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that phrase! Often told to me in the midst a helpful stranger offering to return my shopping cart, or reaching out to hold my infant as my toddler decides to have a tantrum In the middle of the Tot Lot.

But where I would most often did NOT hear this phrase, would be upon returning to the isolation of my own home, where I spent most of my days as the primary caregiver for my two young beloved children....alone, completely absent of said 'village.'

It takes a village...

Nothing could be more true. But what most people fail to realize is that FOR MANY MODERN FAMILIES, THE VILLAGE IS SIMPLY, UTTERLY, AND COMPLETELY GONE. 

Things have changed drastically from only one or two generations ago, when most families had much more one-on-one support from their family or community. More families (like myself) move far away from home, away from family support and tight-knit communities (what were we thinking!). More and more grandparents juggle demanding careers and can't be there to lend a hand.

But, the need for that extra support in early babyhood has NOT changed.

And even for those who do have close support of friends, community, and family...it's still jsut dang hard!

Despite the new gadgets, tools, and a never ending litany of books and blog articles telling us how to parent...the primary challenges of parenting have not changed one bit. It's still as challenging, exhausting, and deserving of help as it ever was.

Enter the Postpartum Doula...


She is experienced, professional, and 100% dedicated to your success as a new parent.

She is well-versed in all things baby, breastfeeding, and postpartum. She is up to date on current parenting philosophies, trends, gadgets, and ACOG recommendations.

She is warm and comforting, and acts not just as a helping hand, but as an uplifting companion and a breath of fresh air every time she enters your house.

Every day, she starts your care off by checking in, accessing what your top priorities are for the moment, and then goes to work on achieving those goals. Whether they be catching up on sleep, eating a nutritious meal, or finally nailing that whole swaddling thing, she is ready to give you the support, guidance, and attention you need to thrive.

She is 100% unbiased, ready to implement the decisions and strategies that you see best fit for YOUR family. She does not impose her own personal opinions or choices on you. She can help you discover your options and help you choose the parenting philosophies and decisions that work best for your unique family.

Luxury or basic need?

I know what you're thinking....

"Sure, it would be great having a professional baby-whisper in my home! One who also cooks me amazing food, helps me with my laundry/dishes/etc, and is basically a postpartum Mary-Poppins ninja! But I'm the mom...this is suppose to be hard...this is supposed to be MY job!" 


While, many Americans have adopted an "I have to do everything myself attitude," thanks in part to our lack of resources and reimbursements available through insurance companies....other countries are making postpartum care a priority for new families.

Countries like Iceland, Germany, and the Neverlands are giving moms and their families free or low-cost professional in-home support during the early months of new babyhood as part of their basic health-care plan.

Don't hesitate to get the support you need as a new family. The effects of happy and supported postpartum experiences for healthy newborn development are immeasurable.

Happy beginnings deserve great support.

Set yourself up for success by planning to have professional Postpartum Doula Services as part of your parenting journey.

High Country Doulas makes it easy for you to add this service to your baby registry, or to have family and friends add postpartum support credit onto your account. Learn more about our registry at www.highcountrydoulas.com/registry.