What is a postpartum doula?

Allison Rollans with newborn baby Cora, 24 hours old.

Allison Rollans with newborn baby Cora, 24 hours old.

Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby (or babies!).

Perhaps this will be your first time changing a diaper, soothing a crying infant, or hearing the term “parenting philosophy.”

Maybe you’re returning to work and need to create more predictable schedules but have no clue where to start. Or perhaps you’re simply overwhelmed and need someone to lift you up and calm the chaos.

In walks your postpartum doula....she is warm, comforting, attentive, and her expertise puts you immediately at ease. She magically gets your baby to latch on for a great feed, pours you a cup of tea, and calms the overwhelm you’ve been feeling all day with a single smile. 

She teaches you a safer and more effective way to swaddle your baby and explains the differences between your overwhelming collection of pacis, bottles, carriers, and various baby accoutrement. And she somehow manages to let you take the first nap you’ve had all week.

What we do...

We know babies...it’s what we do. And we support your postpartum experience in a way that builds your confidence, eases stress, and allows you to build long-lasting sustainable strategies to calm the overwhelm. We provide you and your baby with the hands-on support a new parent may desire during this time, plus teach you the strategies and secrets to babyhood that set you up for long term success.

  • Expert newborn care for your precious one(s)

  • Help with breast and bottlefeeding

  • Learn new parenting skills and information

  • Recover quicker after childbirth

  • Get more sleep!

  • Receive practical help in your home 


What's included?

Every shift with your High Country Doula begins by assessing what your most important goals are for that specific day/night.

Perhaps one day you want her to care for your baby(ies) while you take a much needed bath and nap. Perhaps another day you want her guidance on how to use your breast pump or infant carrier. Need help discovering which parenting philosophies and techniques will work best for your family? Need guidance on getting your baby on a more predictable sleep schedule? Our doulas help with all of these things and more.

We provide part-time, night-time, and live-in care options. Our prices differ depending on the type of care and number of hours desired. Contact us to learn more.

Our postpartum doulas are infant first aid and CPR certified and carry active doula insurance. Our team has been hand-picked and trained by the same certifying organization (ProDoula) to give your family the consistent and quality care you deserve.


Start with a 30 Min Complimentary Phone Consultation



"I worked with High Country Doulas after the birth of my baby. I can honestly say I would not have survived those subsequent weeks of motherhood physically and mentally without their help. They are simply incredible! Their availability and flexibility in schedule was extremely important to me. They were available at all hours...I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone, and I know I would do it again if I were to do the baby thing all over again."

- Martina L., First-time mom


"All through my pregnancy, I was convinced I would have this whole mom gig down. Once the baby came, I quickly realized how in over my head I was. My husband has a demanding work schedule and l had entered into a new life from a NYC professional to a stay at home mom in Boone. I thought I could handle it but I found myself needing a break every now and then in order to restore myself, mentally and physically. After my first week with Allison, I had only wished I found her sooner!
She's trustworthy, observant to my needs and genuinely cares for my son with love. A natural caregiver, Allison has contributed to my son's growth, kept my house in order and has been a shoulder to lean on when I've felt overwhelmed. Not only does she help keep our family together in the moment, but she also educates us on what to expect in our son's next phase. Knowing what to look for helps minimize the guessing game and we're able to comfort and soothe him quicker than ever. Her calm and comforting presence in our lives has restored me as a mother and wife to my family all while helping me regain my identity. She is a gift I wish I could give to every mother. "

-Rachel, First-Time Mom