Kara & Dan

“ Our doula provided amazing hands on coaching for me and my husband and was a huge wealth of knowledge. My husband said it was awesome, like having a general manger there and that we would always have a doula for subsequent births. She brought a sense of calm and reassurance to the whole process.”

- Kara

“Having the doula there to provide tips and ensure a good first feed, and having an appointment the day after birth with lactation consultants established a good latch. Being given information on what is normal vs what is not , knowing that sore nipples don't last and engorgement becomes less frequent once milk supply regulates. This kept me from worrying or wanting to give up or try bottles”


Allison RollansComment
Tamatha and Scott

“My doula Allison is absolutely amazing! She is so warm and loving and I felt absolutely comfortable welcoming her to our home and for the birth of our son. Throughout my pregnancy I had continuous support from her, any question or concern I had I knew I could count on her. I had no idea my labor would end up so fast! Allison made it while I was pushing, she put her arms around me while I was in the birth pool which gave me a positive reassurance I needed. She is so loving and definitely helped keep me relaxed even after baby was born. No matter if this is your first or your sixth baby I highly recommend High Country Doulas.”


Thank you for letting us share in this sacred experience with you. You are appreciated by High Country Doulas!

Allison RollansComment

"These ladies create such a genuinely loving atmosphere in all that they do. They are extremely supportive and caring. We spent time with several of the doulas in the practice. They were all patient, kind, and truly wanted to assist us however they could to make our experiences with them the best.

You are appreciated High Country Doulas!!

We all loved the care and time taken to educate and love our family while preparing our placenta encapsulation. Not to mention the attention given to us prior to our birth by you all! You are an exceptional group of women!”

Ginger T, Women’s Fitness Instructor & Mom of two

Samantha Lee WrightComment

"I worked with High Country Doulas after the birth of my baby. I can honestly say I would not have survived those subsequent weeks of motherhood physically and mentally without their help. They are simply incredible! Their availability and flexibility in schedule was extremely important to me. They were available at all hours...I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone, and I know I would do it again if I were to do the baby thing all over again."

– Dr. Martina L. First-time mom

Ginna & Luke

"I made a last-minute decision to hire a doula and my husband and I are so glad we did. Our doula helped me stay calm and was knowledgeable about techniques to manage the pain of contractions and to speed labor along. My husband was thankful that he could step out and take a break without feeling guilty because he knew I was in good hands with [our doula]. She also followed up with us several times during the postpartum period to make sure we were doing okay. We highly recommend High Country Doulas. If you're on the fence---go for it!"

– Ginna E, First-time mom

Tim & Ariel

"High Country Doulas proved to be an excellent resource to turn to when approaching the many unknown situations we would encounter during our first pregnancy. The classes were very informative and conversational and their experience was clear and helpful from the initial meeting through postpartum. I am glad we made the decision to work with them and continue to be thankful for their help."

– Tim S, First-time dad

Roslyn & Chris

"Having a doula made my pregnancy and labor easier because I knew I had an advocate. I knew that there was someone (& wonderful someone’s at that!) to support me in all my decisions & help me decide if I needed that too. It just made me feel good to know that they were there for us. Everyone at HCD was so nice, helpful & empowering. Being able to text them or call them whenever I had a question or concern was so helpful Just knowing that they were there for me/us gave us a huge peace of mind. Also, all the visits we had with them were extremely helpful & encouraging. I would highly recommend them!"

– Roslyn E, First-time mom

Parker & Charlie

"I had a wonderful experience with High Country Doulas! I am so glad I had a doula by my side during labor. My labor experience did not go the way I’d hoped, and having someone there who could help us weigh our options and make informed decisions was crucial. She gave us helpful ideas for pain management and was so encouraging the whole time. After we were home from the hospital, she came to the house and helped me process the whole crazy experience. Her knowledge was invaluable. 

The support I got pre- and post-delivery was wonderful. My doulas were always available to answer questions and guide me through the process. The childbirth education class with High Country Doula’s childbirth educators was very helpful in preparing my husband and me for labor, delivery, and basic newborn care. I am so glad I chose to work with High Country Doulas and highly recommend them!"

– Parker C, First-time mom

Ariel & Tim

"From the first trimester through early postpartum, our doula team was a source of wisdom and compassion. When I experienced complications toward the end of my pregnancy, they talked me through my anxieties, guided me through what to expect at the hospital, and helped me be at peace with the new direction my birth was taking. Thanks to their practical and emotional support, I felt like an active participant in my care even before our labor doula met us on site, and I came away with only happy memories of my birth experience."

– Ariel S, First-time mom

Lisa Vance, Certified Nurse Midwife

"When I first met Sam and Allison I was very impressed by their professionalism and passion! Those two attributes are huge when looking for a doula. I knew immediately that we would work well as a team and put patients/moms first during labor. Their experience speaks volumes and they will continue to grow and have continued success because they listen to the needs of mothers and meet them where they are by adding more services than labor support. I would highly recommend them to any mom looking for someone to guide them on their pregnancy journey and postpartum!”

– Lisa Vance, Certified Nurse Midwife, and Mother of four

Meredith & Matt

"I had heard of doulas before but hadn’t thought it was necessary for me. To be honest, it seemed like a very “crunchy mom” type of service. However, my eyes were opened through this experience. My doula was such a source of support for me and my husband. I immediately felt connected with this stranger and was able to place my complete trust in them. Just looking into her eyes during a contraction or a push was so grounding. She believed I could do it so I did. I now would never consider giving birth without a doula!

The whole experience was just so positive for me. [She] never tried to make decisions for me. She would remind me of my options, what I had expressed to her, and talk it through. The midwife who delivered, O’Neil and Dr Harvey, all spoke highly of the High Country Doulas group and their ability to not interfere. I thought that was very telling of the service."

– Meredith M, First-time mom

Angela & Pavel

"I am so glad that I decided to go with High Country Doulas for my labor and postpartum support! As a first-time mom living away from family and friends, I was very apprehensive about labor and delivery and coping with a newborn for the first few weeks after bringing him home.

After meeting Sam, I knew immediately that I was making the right choice in not only hiring a doula but also choosing High Country Doulas.

On the day of my baby's birth, Rachel supported my husband and me through situations that were not what we had hoped for when imagining our perfect birth story. We both felt that Rachel helped us to be more at peace with making those choices that, although not what we had planned, were best for us and our baby in the reality of the moment.

The postpartum care was also a great service! Everyone we interacted with - Sam, Allison, Chelsey, and Rachel - was knowledgeable, kind, and willing to go the extra mile to answer questions and help with anything we needed. Thank you all for such an affirming experience!"

– Angela S , Virtual Assistant and First-time mom

Brittany and Isaac

"Every aspect of our doula experience was helpful, from prenatal classes to postpartum care!

We always knew that we would want the help of doulas when it came time to start our family, but we could never have dreamed how helpful they would be. From the moment we signed on they were in constant contact, checking on my pregnancy progress and preparation. There is no way that I would have made it through a natural labor and delivery without the help of our labor doula.

She used a combination of massage, movement, essential oils, humor and more to make the experience as smooth and memorable as possible. The postpartum doula met us when we got home from the hospital and immediately got to work making us comfortable. She worked with and empowered us for 8 amazing weeks before saying goodbye with a batch of homemade brownies!"

– Brittany S, First-time mom

Leigh M

"Our doulas provided us with the support of a community without the drama that can come from family members. They kept my body as comfortable as possible with massage and allowed me to really connect with Abraham throughout the whole experience. Our doulas also helped us communicate with the hospital staff (nurses and physicians) in an entirely professional way, working seamlessly as part of our team. I can't tell you how many times Abraham has told me how glad he was to have our doulas there, and I agree! Our doulas really helped to make the entire birthing experience a positive one.

I (Leigh) enjoyed the support of being able to email and check in prior to delivery. We both appreciated texting during early labor to help us navigate those hours.…Mostly I would say I really appreciated that they truly wanted to make our birth experience what WE wanted, free of judgment."

– Leigh M, Physician & First-time mom

Ashley P

"We are so grateful for High Country Doula's presence and support during and after our daughter's birth and know that we would not have had the birth that we desired without their help.

Our doula's peaceful and nurturing spirit was exactly what I needed to keep me calm and focused throughout labor, especially after a somewhat scary start.

I loved how hands-on she was during some of the most challenging and intense moments of labor and that she helped my husband to feel deeply connected to every aspect of the experience. We could not have asked for a more positive birth experience and know that much of this is because of High Country Doula's support to our family.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us bring our daughter into the world!"

– Ashley P. Professor, ASU & First time mom

Kelly and Victor

"I liked the professionalism of the staff. They came with name tags on for each shift. I enjoyed reading the report card they left explaining how the baby did, when he ate and what they accomplished at the end of their shift. That was a really nice touch. I appreciated their personalized attention and knowledge of every aspect of parenting, breastfeeding and child care. We worked the most with Allison and she was extremely thorough and resourceful! If there was something she didn't know she would research it.

The staff was extremely professional and flexible. I felt very comfortable and at ease to let her care for our newborn upon meeting her. She was extremely knowledgeable and resourceful on several topics and provided us with techniques to help care for our baby. The service is 5 stars!

The payment process was very simplistic. That was appreciated and easy to do. Don't have anything negative to say. We truly enjoyed the care provided!"

– Kelly V, First-time mother


"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience—getting to witness the preparation of the placenta, the sharing of knowledge and support from our encapsulation specialist. 

Our birth doula was amazing as well. We had a long and somewhat traumatic labor and delivery experience. Having a 3rd person there for support and guidance was invaluable." 

– Honna M. Speech Pathologist & Mom of one

Alexis and Emilios

"Our Doula's help with comfort measures at home during early labor was very helpful. I also really appreciated her support at the hospital, especially before I got the epidural. She helped by providing massage and pressure to my lower back during contractions while I leaned on my husband. She took some great pictures during delivery too, which I really value!

...High Country Doulas helped us to feel prepared and relaxed for the birth of our first child by answering our questions in advance and providing lots of information about ways to manage pain and be more comfortable. We had planned not to use pain medication, but labor is unpredictable, and I ended up getting an epidural along with other interventions I’d initially hoped to avoid. Our Doula, Chelsey helped to talk me through those in-the-moment decisions and supported the decisions I made. She made sure I was hydrated and adjusted pillows and blankets overnight while my husband was sleeping, and she was a great cheerleader during the pushing phase.

 She also took lots of great pictures during delivery so my husband and Mom could focus in the moment. After delivery, she helped me to start nursing, and she continued to follow up with me over the next few days to ensure I was doing ok.

I’m so glad we hired HCD to support us before, during, and after the birth — it was money well spent and provided great peace of mind!"

– Alexis and Emilios, First-time parents

Jill E

"We loved feeling supported during our son's long labor! Our doula listened to every want and need...she even knew what I needed before I did! My favorite part about having a doula was feeling like I had a member on my team that could think clearly and give me the support that I needed."

– Jill E, Library Music Director ASU & Mom of three


"The touch-ins to check on my mental health really helped me keep an awareness of how I was feeling and allowed me to address things before they turned into issues, such as lack of sleep or frustration with feedings and so forth.

I was so grateful to have Allison by my side during labor. While we weren't able to have the intervention-free labor we’d hoped for, we truly appreciated having her there to help us ask the right questions so we could make the best decisions as we worked with our doctors and nurses. When our baby started showing signs of distress, I really appreciated her calming presence and talking me through my feelings of panic. I came away from our experience saying how much scarier it all would have been if she hadn’t been there. I now sing even greater praises for doulas and truly believe they’re a vital part of your birth team!"

– Aleisha A, Administrator ETSU & Mom of one