The CDC and Placenta Encapsulation


Recently, the Center for Disease Control published a paper which warned of the possible dangers of placentophagy (the consumption of one's own placenta after childbirth). Source

This article is absolutely concerning and deserves to be noticed. However, as with most things in life, the issue of placenta encapsulation (is it safe or unsafe) is still not black or white.

We hope that the below overview of this case study, and a close examination of our safety standards will allay any worry parents or care providers may have regardding our placenta encapsulation services. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • In the case described by the CDC the information provided suggests the encapsulator prepared the placenta using the raw encapsulation method. There is also a question as to whether the placenta was dehydrated at the correct temperature. This is indeed an unsafe method and exactly why we follow different and much more stringent protocols with our placenta encapsulation service.
  • This paper was published based on one single case-study, NOT on the practice of placentophagy as a whole.
  • The conclusion of this paper warned against the practice of consuming your placenta after childbirth due to the possibility of bacteria or other harmful microorganisms being still present in the placenta due to the improper handling of the placenta during the encapsulation process.
  • The placenta pills consumed in this case scenario were prepared in a separate environment from the mother's home, and stored at room temperature (unlike the guidelines we follow at High Country Doulas). 

The big take away

Much like the doula profession, there exists no set standard for the field of placenta encapsulation. It is 100% up to the consumer to understand their options, and the differences offered by different professionals in the field.

Some placenta services will encapsulate differently than others. Some will do the entire process in their own homes, using raw prep methods, and following lax storage and preparation safety precautions while others will follow a much more stringent protocol.

The High Country Doula difference

At High Country Doulas, our Placenta Specialist are trained by the most highly respected training organization in the world to be able to safely perform the service of placenta encapsulation utilizing the highest safety standards in the industry.

Be assured that your placenta will be handled and processed safely and effectively, because of our stringent guidelines, which are:

  • We will only process your placenta in the safety of your own home to eliminate the likelihood of contamination from an outside environment.
  • We will never transport your placenta for you. Your placenta will be in your possession throughout the entire process.
  • We will exceed industry standards in the safe handling of bloodborne pathogens and human tissue.
  • We will follow OSHA protocols for preventing transmission of bloodborne diseases.
  • We will use disposable/one-time-use equipment and supplies wherever possible.
  • We will sanitize all equipment according to bloodborne pathogens protocols.
  • We will use a steam preparation method, never raw.
  • We will follow and instruct you on the safest storage guidelines of your placenta and placenta pills. 

Plus we provide these differences while also keeping our prices competitive to our local market. That's the High Country Doula difference!



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