Postpartum Doula Support (1 hour- A la Carte)

Postpartum Doula Support (1 hour- A la Carte)


A postpartum doula is like a baby whisperer, night nanny, postpartum recovery guru, and motherly confidant all rolled up in one.

If you're ready to calm the chaos, finally get that nap in, master life with your baby(ies), and even have some light help around the's time to bring in High Country Doulas!

There is truly no better gift to give a family than the unconditional and professional support they'll receive from our doulas while they learn to navigate life as new parents.


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Most moms define the first months of new parenthood as joyous and exciting, but at the same time exhausting and challenging. Moms who are in their first months of new babyhood report feeling unsure about their parenting skills and also overwhelmed by the day to day task required to care for their baby(ies) and/or household.

That's where doulas come in.

We prevent parents from feeling overwhelmed and combat the craziness of new babyhood.

In a time where women are expected to get back to “normal life” faster than ever, a postpartum doula steps in to help with everyday tasks that allow her the time needed to recover and adjust to life as a new mom.

Postpartum doula care with High Country Doulas may include, but is not limited to:

  • Hands on infant education and care (such as umbilical cord care, bathing, nail care, circumcision or intact care, swaddling)

  • Breastfeeding support (latch, positions, troubleshooting, tandem feeding)

  • Bottlefeeding and other forms of infant feeding education and support (sanitation, guidance, milk storage, pace feeding, SNS feeding)

  • Supporting smoother postpartum recovery

  • Recognizing and alerting you to physical and emotional “red flags”

  • Affirming “normal” postpartum emotional responses

  • Soothing and comforting techniques

  • Implementing good sleep patterns and habits

  • Sibling support

  • Errands

  • Light housekeeping

  • Meal preparation

A Postpartum Doula is truly the best gift you can give to an expectant mom.

Please note that our daytime Postpartum Doula service requires 4 hours minimum per shift. If you would like to gift less than 4 hours to your loved one, they may make up the difference themselves to meet the 4 hour minimum requirement, or they may choose to convert this gift towards a different service.