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Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders Webinar | FREE


Did you know most birthing people with a maternal mental illness never receive professional treatment for it? The sad fact is untreated depression and anxiety during pregnancy, or in the first year postpartum, can lead to negative long-term health in the children as well.

Did you know maternal mental illness is a serious public health problem?

It is the #1 complication of pregnancy & childbirth!

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders can affect ANY birthing person, regardless of age, race, or financial situation.

There is a stigma surrounding mental illness, however, sufferers have nothing to be ashamed of! Seeking help sooner than later is key to successful recovery and proper management. Maternal mental health is extremely important as both the parent and baby can be impacted. Let’s break the stigma together by having an open conversation together!

Our goal is to provide you with the proper information and resources, as well as to have an open discussion about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, which is why we invite you to attend this webinar.

You Are Not Alone

Discussing perinatal mood or anxiety disorder can be a sensitive topic, however, understanding the signs is crucial to early prevention.

Take a look at these statistics:
-1 in 7 suffer from maternal mood and anxiety disorders 
-10% of partners also experience mood or anxiety disorders
-70% of parenting couples experiencing a decline in relational satisfaction following the birth of their first child

-83% of new parents experience distress during the transition to parenthood
-80% of all birthing persons get the baby blues

Mood and anxiety disorders are much more widespread than people think! So if you or someone you know is suffering, it’s important that they know they are not alone.

Pregnancy, birth, and the newborn period are such beautiful, yet delicate times for families. Research shows every member of the family is impacted by perinatal mood or anxiety disorders. Fortunately, there are different forms of relief for everyone. 

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