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Simplify Motherhood Webinar | FREE

Let’s face it, not all aspects of motherhood are innate.

Many women are bogged down with questions and concerns regarding our little ones around the clock. 

Even all the baby books (written with the best intent) are usually authored as if everything is going as planned (which it hardly ever does).

These false expectations leave new and expecting mothers confused and overwhelmed when it comes to shifting into the role of motherhood. It also doesn’t help to be told that fitness, dietary needs, hobbies, relationship, and happiness need to be put on the back burner… this is simply not true!

So where should new and expecting mothers turn for an unbiased discussion on real life tips and tricks during the transition to matrescence? 

You’re already here! I’m proudly inviting you and other new mothers to my upcoming webinar, Simplify Motherhood - Healthy and Happy Lifestyle-!

During the webinar, mothers (and partners) will learn crucial tips and tricks to simplifying and enjoying a healthy and happy life after baby in an easy-to-digest setting.

It’s Not All Rainbows And Butterflies

Of course I’d love to tell you that your pregnancy will go without a hitch, that your Birth Plan will be followed word for word, and that your first few weeks after childbirth will be smooth sailing.

However, even with a perfect pregnancy and birth, you’re bound to feel upset, tired, anxious, selfish, and even guilty as you try to fit your own needs into the new family schedule.

-Eating well (or anything at all) will become a lost art.
-Fitness regimens will be put on hold indefinitely. 
-Relationships with our spouse will take a backseat.
-Hobbies will become foreign experiences.
-Happiness will make us feel guilty if it’s not about baby.

These are a few of the unfortunate realities of motherhood around the globe but this does not have to be your story.

You can eat well, exercise (when your body is ready), continue the spark in your relationship, enjoy passions, and avoid feeling guilty by educating yourself with the empowering knowledge available to you during this webinar.

Why Is This Webinar So Popular?

Too many women set themselves up for failure by trying to live up to magazine-style parenting.

They believe everything they read on the internet, try to make every detail Instagram-worthy, allow themselves to be blamed if motherhood is not going as planned, and believe that their happiness and health no longer matter.

Not only is this bad for the mother, but this is bad for baby!

Women who really want to be Instagram-worthy will learn that it is OK to have some dark chocolate to avoid a mental breakdown and that bonding with their partner over a diaper change can be just as special as bonding over a candlelit dinner.

These simple, yet incredibly helpful tips will strengthen the bond between the mother, partner and baby while making sure the mother knows how to take care of herself.

Become The Mother You Desire!

Later Event: July 13
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