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Natural Newborn Care Webinar | FREE


Webinar being led by Allison Rollans, HC

Are you interested in learning about natural healthcare?!

Are you also expecting a baby in the coming months, or have just welcomed your new baby?

High Country Doulas’ Natural Newborn Care on Tuesday, May 21st is the perfect event for you!

Our goal is to help you learn how to give your newborn the best and most well-rounded care during that crucial ‘fourth trimester’ in the immediate months following birth.

We believe that by providing new babies with the most natural, holistic care as an alternative to approaches recommended by some modern medicinal practices, we can help to ensure their optimum health as they continue to grow into adulthood.

It starts NOW!

What to Expect

During this experience, I’ll be sharing various Natural care methods that you and your baby-caregiving team can begin using beginning the day you bring your baby home.

Benefits of Coming

We believe that by increasing your understand healthcare practices with children and young babies, we will slowly ensure a healthier, more sustainable generation of adults in years to come. Preventative healthcare does not have an age-limit; anyone can start at any time.

Our aim is to increase parents’ awareness of the benefits of natural healthcare in the hopes that their children will ultimately live healthier lives with lower instances of disease and preventable illnesses.