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grandparents class

Webinar being lead by Co-Owner Allison Rollans

The Modern Grandparent

The modern grandparent is just as important as ever, in many cases more so than ever before. As the world has changed and evolved around us over the years, so too has recommendations on the safety and health of children. Understanding these changes can give you a step up when it comes to caring for your grandchildren. 

For example, do you know current infant feeding recommendations? 
Were you told ‘holding the baby too much will spoil the baby’ when raising your child? 
Maybe your doctor advised you to add rice cereal to a bottle to help your baby sleep?

These are just a few examples of what will be covered in Grandparents Class Webinar. You will learn what has changed, and why. 

There is a very good chance that over the years of being empty-nesters you’ve missed the latest advice on childcare. However, the one thing that will never change is the love between grandparent and grandchild. 

No matter if this is your first grandchild or tenth, grandparents have a major role to fill. And with the advancements of technology being involved, it is easier than ever from wherever you are!

I encourage you to join me for this incredible webinar, Grandparents Class Webinar, on Sunday, April 14th at 4 pm EST 

This class will provide and engaging and interactive space for grandparents to become current while allowing for myths to be dispelled in a non-threatening, informative way amongst a group of your peers!

Times Have Changed

Simply look around, you’ll see changes in every direction.
For example, how many of you have a smartphone? How many of you are reading this on a smartphone!?

During our time together, you will have a chance to participate in an open dialogue on your own parenthood experience. Who did you get your information from? How was pregnancy viewed when you were expecting? What did you call your grandparents? Have you considered what you will want your grandchildren to call you?

There is no doubt, as grandparents your knowledge and experience can be helpful. However, understanding that recommendations have changed doesn’t mean the way you did things wasn’t good enough, just that things can be done differently based on current information available. 

Conventional wisdom has changed in the world of raising babies. For example, childproofing, medications, feeding practices, and sleep positions may all be different from what you were told when you were raising your children. 

Learn Current Childcare Recommendations

I am motivated to help get you up to date on current recommendations and dispel common parenthood myths. This class will be fun, interactive, and engaging and I’m counting on you to share your knowledge and experience!

During this experience, you can expect to be an active participant while engaging in open dialogue about the care and keeping of your grandchildren.

Modern parents communicate differently.
Modern parents spend money differently.
Modern parents view authority differently.
Modern parents approach work differently.
Modern parents raise children differently.

We will discuss some of these differences during class. Gaining a better understanding of your adult children and their choices can help bridge the generation gap that many face. 

Join me for Grandparents Class Webinar to explore topics of grandparenthood you may have never even considered!

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Sunday, April 14th @ 4pm EST!

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Later Event: April 20
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