Doulas Celebrate Labor Day Every Day

Celebrating and Honoring Birth

It's what we do.

It's why we're here.

It's what drives us each and every day.

As Doulas, we have the amazing job of showering families with love, support, and praise for the incredible job they are doing. We get to remind women that they are strong, that they are smart, and that they can do this!

Whether birth is easy, hard, happy, or sad, we are there to honor the experience and help families create the best memories possible revolving around their birth.

While family, friends, and providers focus in on the baby, or your recovery, a Doula focuses in on you, the Mother, and honors the journey you have traveled. A Doula asks a mom, "tell me about your birth experience," or "tell me how you are feeling today."

A Doula holds the space for women and their families to celebrate and honor the magical, wonderful, and powerful experience of childbirth. 

A Doula celebrates Labor Day every day.

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Samantha Lee WrightComment