Alexis and Emilios

"Our Doula's help with comfort measures at home during early labor was very helpful. I also really appreciated her support at the hospital, especially before I got the epidural. She helped by providing massage and pressure to my lower back during contractions while I leaned on my husband. She took some great pictures during delivery too, which I really value!

...High Country Doulas helped us to feel prepared and relaxed for the birth of our first child by answering our questions in advance and providing lots of information about ways to manage pain and be more comfortable. We had planned not to use pain medication, but labor is unpredictable, and I ended up getting an epidural along with other interventions I’d initially hoped to avoid. Our Doula, Chelsey helped to talk me through those in-the-moment decisions and supported the decisions I made. She made sure I was hydrated and adjusted pillows and blankets overnight while my husband was sleeping, and she was a great cheerleader during the pushing phase.

 She also took lots of great pictures during delivery so my husband and Mom could focus in the moment. After delivery, she helped me to start nursing, and she continued to follow up with me over the next few days to ensure I was doing ok.

I’m so glad we hired HCD to support us before, during, and after the birth — it was money well spent and provided great peace of mind!"

– Alexis and Emilios, First-time parents