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"I worked with High Country Doulas after the birth of my baby. I can honestly say I would not have survived those subsequent weeks of motherhood physically and mentally without their help. They are simply incredible! Their availability and flexibility in schedule was extremely important to me. They were available at all hours...I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone, and I know I would do it again if I were to do the baby thing all over again."

– Dr. Martina L. First-time mom

Parker & Charlie

"I had a wonderful experience with High Country Doulas! I am so glad I had a doula by my side during labor. My labor experience did not go the way I’d hoped, and having someone there who could help us weigh our options and make informed decisions was crucial. She gave us helpful ideas for pain management and was so encouraging the whole time. After we were home from the hospital, she came to the house and helped me process the whole crazy experience. Her knowledge was invaluable. 

The support I got pre- and post-delivery was wonderful. My doulas were always available to answer questions and guide me through the process. The childbirth education class with High Country Doula’s childbirth educators was very helpful in preparing my husband and me for labor, delivery, and basic newborn care. I am so glad I chose to work with High Country Doulas and highly recommend them!"

– Parker C, First-time mom

Kelly and Victor

"I liked the professionalism of the staff. They came with name tags on for each shift. I enjoyed reading the report card they left explaining how the baby did, when he ate and what they accomplished at the end of their shift. That was a really nice touch. I appreciated their personalized attention and knowledge of every aspect of parenting, breastfeeding and child care. We worked the most with Allison and she was extremely thorough and resourceful! If there was something she didn't know she would research it.

The staff was extremely professional and flexible. I felt very comfortable and at ease to let her care for our newborn upon meeting her. She was extremely knowledgeable and resourceful on several topics and provided us with techniques to help care for our baby. The service is 5 stars!

The payment process was very simplistic. That was appreciated and easy to do. Don't have anything negative to say. We truly enjoyed the care provided!"

– Kelly V, First-time mother