Brittany and Isaac

"Every aspect of our doula experience was helpful, from prenatal classes to postpartum care!

We always knew that we would want the help of doulas when it came time to start our family, but we could never have dreamed how helpful they would be. From the moment we signed on they were in constant contact, checking on my pregnancy progress and preparation. There is no way that I would have made it through a natural labor and delivery without the help of our labor doula.

She used a combination of massage, movement, essential oils, humor and more to make the experience as smooth and memorable as possible. The postpartum doula met us when we got home from the hospital and immediately got to work making us comfortable. She worked with and empowered us for 8 amazing weeks before saying goodbye with a batch of homemade brownies!"

– Brittany S, First-time mom

Allison RollansComment