The Welcome Home Package

The Welcome Home Package


Our most popular registry item! The Welcome Home Package is the perfect gift for any expectant parent wanting a smooth transition home with baby. Includes 15 hours of expert in-home doula care during the early days home with baby.

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Give your loved one the gift of expert support during the crucial first days home with baby. A professional 'welcome-home' doula can be there, by your loved-ones side, to answer all questions about life with a newborn. She can give guidance and instruction for things such as breast or bottle feeding, newborn swaddling, newborn comforting, and more. She will boost their confidence as a new parent and provide an extra set of helpful hands around the house.

The welcome home package includes 15 hours of postpartum doula services. These services hours may be used as soon as the new family arrives home and up to day 20 of their postpartum experience. They may be used during the daytime, or may be applied to our over-night doula service.

The Welcome Home Package is the perfect gift to give your loved one as they begin their journey into parenthood.

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