A Good Night's Sleep

A Good Night's Sleep


Give a truly unique and valuable gift...the gift of a good night's sleep!

With this certificate, your loved one receives one 9-hour overnight Postpartum Doula shift, starting at bedtime and ending in the morning.

During the night, her doula will care for baby and even help with light chores around the house while your loved one gets the best sleep she'll have gotten for weeks! She will rest sounding knowing that her baby is in expert hands with a  premium High Country Postpartum Doula.

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Overnight Postpartum Doula shifts can begin no later than 10:00pm and can end no earlier than 6:00am. During that time, the Doula is allowed to sleep while the baby is sleeping. She will also work around the house doing light housework if time and baby allow for it.

The Doula follows all of the parent's instructions in regards to comfort measures, feeding habits, etc. Our Overnight Doulas work with breastfeeding as well as bottle feeding parents and can adapt to any situation needed.