What is a postpartum doula?


The early months of adjusting to life with a newborn can be challenging to say the least. Not only is your body recovering from childbirth, but you're also adjusting emotionally as well as learning all of the new skills required as a mom.

Most moms define the first months of new parenthood as joyous and exciting, but at the same time overwhelmingly exhausting and challenging. New moms are often sore, hungry, confused, lonely, dehydrated, frazzled, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

That's where doulas come in.

What we do

We prevent parents from feeling overwhelmed and combat the craziness of new babyhood.

Doulas help moms and dads gain confidence in their ability to be great parents. They provide encouragement, guidance, education, and hands-on practical support everywhere that's needed for you to thrive as you transition into life with your new baby(ies).

In a time where women are expected to get back to “normal life” faster than ever, a postpartum doula steps in to help with everyday tasks that allow you the time needed to recover and adjust to life as a new mom.

Not only can doulas provide the physical help needed around the house and with your baby, but they also provide invaluable emotional support to families during this transformative time.



In places like Iceland, Germany, and the Neverlands, every mother has access to in home care for 1-8 weeks after birth as part of her basic health care plan. Those countries have infant mortality rates half of that in the U.S. Likewise, postpartum depression rates in America are doubled compared to these other countries.

Postpartum doulas fill a role that is or used to be provided to every mom after she gave birth, but which is now, sadly thought of as a luxury for struggling moms.

But postpartum doulas don't just help out around the house, or help hold baby while mom rests. They do so much more than that.

the postpartum depression link

Postpartum doulas provide confident and compassionate emotional support during the challenging first months of life at home with your baby(s).  

High Country Doulas' Postpartum doulas are trained in recognizing normal emotions like the Baby Blues to other more intense Perinatal Mood Disorders. They provide emotional support & resources to moms so they can feel like themselves again quickly.

No mother needs to go through it alone. In a country where 1 in 7 moms experience some type of Perinatal Mood Disorder, doulas are filling a much need and neglected role in our society.

Postpartum doulas not only lower your chances of suffering from a postpartum mood disorder, such as postpartum depression, but can help support your entire family during challenging times.

And we help you get more sleep and stay nourished as you recover and adjust to life as a parent.


While you are getting the rest you need and deserve, your doula can provide extraordinary care to your precious baby(s) as well as taking care of important housework for you.

High Country Doulas offers night shifts, day shifts, as well as live in (24/7) care to give you the rest and support you need during the challenging newborn phase.

What's included?


Every shift with your postpartum doula begins by accessing what your most important goals are for that day/night.

We provide part-time, night-time, and live-in care options. Our prices differ depending on the type of care and number of hours desired. Contact us to receive our complimentary welcome packet for details.

You may choose to focus on gaining confidence in babywearing one day, and perhaps on getting some great rest the next.  Or maybe all you want is some delicious food, some laundry folded, and some friendly company. Each time you spend time with your doula, you choose how that time is focused.


Whatever your goals are, our professional doulas are experienced in the following skills and are eager to help you however you best see fit:

  • Gain confidence as a new parent

  • Help getting more sleep and recovering after childbirth

  • Emotional support for moms and families

  • Newborn care and comfort techniques

  • Establishing routines

  • Light housekeeping

  • Meal prep

  • Baby care

  • Sibling care

  • Support with breast and/or bottle feeding

  • Support while you rest, eat, sleep, or do something for YOU

  • Accompany you to doctors appointments, shopping trips, or wherever you need to go

  • A confidential ear and comforting presence

  • Help dads, partners, and sibling get involved and confident in babycare

  • Support and education with babywearing, sleeping habits, bonding, bathing, & so much more

overnight & live in care

One of our most popular services for new parents is our live-in and overnight care options.

With overnight care, your doula stays with you and your baby(ies) throughout the night to assist with comfort, newborn sleep, and feeding. This is a wonderful option for moms who want help establishing sleep routines with their babies or who want help gaining some much needed sleep.

With live-in care, your doula stays with you for 24 hours or more. This is an excellent option for families looking for comprehensive support around the clock from an experienced professional. A live-in doula is able to give you well-rounded emotional, physical, and education support to help you thrive in the early months of parenthood. 

Meet our Postpartum doulas


Allison Rollans

Allison loves supporting moms and families as an experienced postpartum and birth doula. She is also a certified health coach and works with moms and children to help them understand their best nutrition, exercise & lifestyle choices. For over 15 years she has trained with organizations such as DONA, the Matrona, Postpartum Support International, La Leche League & ProDoula.

She is has a vast resource of knowledge which she uses to support her team and the families she serves. Her most accomplished element she claims is her family; happily married with three almost grown children whom she loves so much. She knows that a couple's transition to a family can be happier and healthier with doula care. Offering her knowledge, experience and continuous support to moms and their partners is what she loves to do.


Jaime Money

High Country Doulas is so grateful to have Jaime on our
team! Her comforting smile, brilliant humor, and infinite
kindness are just a small handful of the many gifts she
offers to all around her and to the families she serves.

As a postpartum doula, Jaime supports families during the most exciting and challenging times in their lives. She is a mother of two and has experience working in many healthcare settings including pharmacy technician, nurse's aid, 
and adult counselor in the mental health community in
Asheville, NC.


Samantha Lee Wright

Samantha is a CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator, a an experienced labor doula and postpartum doula, a wife, and a mother of two amazing children, both of which were born in local Boone, NC hospitals. She loves working with families in the High Country to help them achieve happy, healthy, and empowering birth experiences and helping them transition into new parenthood feeling empowered.

She cares deeply about providing unbiased and judgment free support to families as they learn about and develop their own birth & parenting philosophies and choices. She views birth and parenting as major life events that should be honored, respected, and enjoyed. Her passion for childbirth comes from a deep desire to help families journey through parenthood feeling informed, respected, and calm.


MacKenzie Parsons

MacKenzie loves helping women look forward to their
birth and parenting experiences with a joyful anticipation, 
free of expectations and fears. As a labor doula, she helps
families create happy memories in childbirth that help
form them into the parents they are becoming. 

New babyhood is such a special time in life, that can also be full of some really difficult challenges. She loves
providing emotional and physical support during
postpartum so that mothers have more energy, more
confidence, and more time to bond with their new
baby(ies) and have a peaceful transition into parenthood.

Our postpartum doulas are all infant first aid and CPR certified and carry active doula insurance. Our team has been hand-picked and trained by the same certifying organization (ProDoula) to give your family the consistent and quality care you deserve.



Postpartum Doula Rates | $21 - $29 per hour | Prices vary depending on the amount and type of care you receive.
Payment plans and baby registry available. We accept all major credit cards.