What is a labor doula?


Much like a wedding, the day you give birth is a day you will remember forever. A labor doula helps you create even more positive memories surrounding your birth experience.

With the professional guidance of a High Country Doula, this epic life event will be one that is surrounded by compassionate care and loving support.

A labor doula fills a role unlike any other on your special day.

A doula provides three very special gifts:


  • From the moment you decide to work with us, you have TWO qualified doulas on call for you 24/7. All throughout your pregnancy, you can utilize your doulas as confidential support and guidance about pregnancy, birth, and babyhood. No question is too big, too small, or too embarrassing for our doulas.
  • From the moment you call her in, your doula stays by your side during labor, until after your baby is born (and then afterward to help you establish feeding and bonding).
  • Unlike your nurses, midwife, and/or doctor, a doula has no other clients/patients to attend to during your labor & birth. She is there for you and you alone with undivided attention and support.
  • Your doula can labor with you at your home and help you transition to the hospital at the perfect time.
  • Your doula can help your partner and other members of your birth support team be involved and helpful during labor.


  • Your doula is there to support you in achieving YOUR birth wishes, whether they include natural birth, epidural birth, cesarean birth, and more.
  • Unlike friends and family, your doula is able to provide you with support that is free from bias, judgement, or overwhelming emotions during difficult hurdles. She provides a sturdy rock to lean on and an unbiased listening ear.


  • While your provider focuses on the medical health of you and your baby, your doula focuses on your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical comfort.
  • Your doula provides practical and knowledgeable advice for any type of birth. Whether your birth is long, short, unmedicated, medicated, surgical, easy, or hard; your doula provides amazing tips, tricks, and motivation, including massage, touch, movement, coaching, and insights into utilizing hospital tools.
  • Your doula can support you and help you process difficult emotions if your birth takes an unexpected path.
  • Your doula can help you process your birth story and help answers questions about what and why things happened during birth.


During birth, some of our clients prefer that their loved one be their primary support person during labor. Others prefer that their doula take the lead. Either way, we are here to help you accomplish your goals during labor

Doulas help dads/partners feel confident and knowledgeable during labor. They lend an experienced voice to guide the way and provide an extra set of hands if needed. 

Doula are a wonderful support for moms birthing with or without an involved partner. Meet us for a complimentary consultation to discover how our doulas can help you and your partner during labor and birth.

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What's included?

Our labor doula service sets you up for success throughout your entire pregnancy. 

Labor doula service includes:

  • TWO doulas on call 24/7 for you from the moment you decide to work with us.
    • Your doula team will alternate an on-call schedulle. Whoever is on call at the time of your birth will attend. In the event of a long labor, your doula team may choose to rotate so that you always have top-quality support by your side.
  • 24/7 email and phone support with your doulas during pregnancy.

  • Two prenatal sessions with your doulas to discuss birth wishes, write a birth plan (if desired), and plan and prepare for the journey ahead.

  • Continuous care during labor from the moment you call in your doula.

  • During labor and birth, your doula will:
    • Set a friendly and calm tone in your birth environment.
    • Provide physical comfort through touch, massage, movement, tools, & more.
    • Suggest comfort techniques to help you through.

    • Support your body and keep you nourished and rested as much as possible.

    • Help answer questions about the birth process and what is happening next.

    • Guide your partner to be actively involved with the process (if desired).

  • Help establish bonding and feeding directly following birth.

  • 1 postpartum home visit after birth to discuss your birth story (if desired), newborn care, feeding, & more.

All our our labor doulas have been hand selected with your family in mind. High Country Doula labor doulas are all professionally trained by the same certifying agency (ProDoula), in order to give you consistent and quality care. All of our doulas carry active doula insurance.


Request our beautiful welcome packet for information about rates and packages.

High Country Doulas specializes in natural (medication free) birth, epidurals, cesareans, VBACs (Vagina Birth After Cesarean), Multiples, The Bradley Method, Lamaze, and Hypnobirthing.

We are proud to serve patients of the following hospitals:

  • Watauga Medical Center
  • Blowing Rock Hospital
  • Ashe Memorial Hospital
  • Catawba Medical Center
  • Wilkes Regional Medical
  • Forsyth Medical Center

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