Baby Sleep Training

Baby Sleep Training


Gain confidence and expertise in the area of baby sleep training in this 1.5 hr webinar with certified sleep trainer Rosalee Hera!


  • 2-hour LIVE online workshop (1.5 hours of content; 0.5 hours of questions)

  • October 4th, 2018 7:30pm-9pm EST

  • Location: On Zoom (a free app)- you will be sent the join in link after beforehand

  • Content will cover sleep topics for babies 0-12 months old

Content may alter based on participants questions. Areas to cover may include:

  • What is a holistic, whole family/whole baby, science-based approach to improving baby sleep?

  • Evidence-based safe sleep guidelines including how to safeguard against the risks of SIDS, suffocation, strangulation and positional asphyxiation, and how to teach parents about this

  • Helping parents transition to safer sleep, in non-judgemental and supportive ways

  • Balancing safe sleep with ‘good’ sleep

  • Establishing the essential baby sleep fundamentals

  • Setting up a perfectly sleep-conducive environment

  • How to create a predictable and flexible baby sleep “schedule”

  • Why routines make a difference

  • Newborn Sleep Challenges

  • Night wakings, immature sleep cycles and how to manage them

  • Immature circadian rhythm and how to optimally regulate it

  • Day/night confusion and how to resolve it

  • Combating the “witching hour”

  • Transitioning to bassinet/crib sleep

  • Encouraging and teaching independent sleep (including ‘sleep training’ and other, more gradual approaches)

  • How to manage overnight wakings/feedings

  • Preparing for and managing the common sleep regressions in a baby’s first year, including the 4-month sleep regression/progression

  • Lengthening baby’s naps

  • Managing early morning wakings 

  • Sleep bumps: sleep through travel, illness, special occasions etc.

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