Welcome to High Country Doulas!

We are a friendly team of professionals who provide customized care
for your unique journey

We're here to support your birth and parenting wishes including medicated, non medicated, and/or cesarean birth, breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, etc, and we work cooperatively alongside your medical team. We love our doctors, midwives, and nurses!


High Country Doulas was established in 2016 with one goal in mind...to make excellent and professional doula care more accessible for the community. On the flip-side, we wanted to make it easier for passionate and talented doulas to do the work they excel in doing in order to make parenting the best it can possibly be for new parents.

Co-Owners Allison Rollans and Samantha Lee Wright have over 25 years of combined experience working with families through birth and beyond. 

Since its establishment, High Country Doulas has served hundreds of families in over eight counties, spreading from Boone, NC, out to Wilkesboro, Lenoir, Elizabethton, Johnson City, Kingsport, and beyond.

What we do

We make the transition into parenthood the best it can possibly be for both parents and their babies. We provide education and support throughout pregnancy. We stand by your side during labor and birth, cheering you on and providing effective hands-on support. We give encouragement for you and help your partner be involved in the process.  After birth, we do what no other professional can...we come to you, in your home and provide you and your baby with hands-on emotional and physical support so that the transition into parenthood is smoother and happier.

Every family is unique. Let us help you discover how High Country Doulas can best support your needs and desires during this amazing life event.



A doula is a person trained to support a woman and her family during childbirth and/or the postpartum period.

Having a doula is like having a best friend by your side who knows a LOT about birth and babies. She is a capable and compassionate woman professionally trained to make birth and parenting easier for your family. Doulas give parents peace of mind as well as practical, non-medical support.


Doulas help you...


Develop a birth plan.
Learn options and alternatives for birth.
Connect with local resources.
Make decisions and ask questions without judgment.
Process unexpected challenges.
Feel confident about birth.
Connect with your partner more.


Maintain a calm environment.
Stay positive and confident.
Use comfort tools, and techniques.
Guide the support team.
Communicate effectively with staff.
Try ideas and recommendations.
Establish early feeding and bonding.


Establish routines and gain confidence.
Recover, recoup, and rest.
Manage housework and cooking.
Get to know your baby.
Learn parenting tools and techniques.
Care for baby(ies) and siblings.
Learn to breast and/or bottle feeding.

...And soooo much more!


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